Smith Village, Assistant Living

Case Study: Smith Village – Resident’s Family Application Picnic

Scenario: Smith Village, a Smith Senior Living Community is having a resident’s picnic. The event combines residents, families, friends, and staff interacting in a social setting.

The Resident Service Concierge wants to create

  • A fun family-friendly atmosphere
  • Encourages families to visit
  • Residents to mingle
  • Children to be occupied
  • Families can visit in a social setting

Goal:  Find interactive entertainment that can interact with the mix of residents, staff, kids, and families in a social environment.

Conclusion: Smith Village, consulted with Dale Obrochta and based on his suggestions implemented an entertainment strategy that would meet the event needs. Meghan Maple, Resident Service Concierge– “Dale’s energy and ability to interact will all ages are one reason why we keep having him back.  He gets the residents smiling, kids laughing and makes the day fun for the staff. Residents, staff, and kids marvel at the balloon creations along with his positive personality help make our resident picnic special.

We look forward to working with him each year.”