Montgomery Place

Case Study: Montgomery Place – Retirement Community and Home Care Services

Scenario: Montgomery Place, a retirement community & home care service is celebrating 35th anniversary with its residents and employees in the form of luncheon BBQ Party.  The event combines residents and Montgomery staff interacting in a party/lunch atmosphere.

The Executive Director wants

  • a fun atmosphere
  • residents and staff to mingle
  • to celebrate 35 years of business

Goal:  Find entertainment that is fun for both the residents and staff yet creates a party-like atmosphere.

Conclusion: Montgomery Place, hired Dale Obrochta to interact with residents and staff. Sheila King, Executive Director– “Dale’s balloons are a work of art, and I knew our residents would love them. And his humor had my staff laughing and smiling for the rest of the day.  Dale’s was a great addition to our anniversary party, and he gives it that extra pizzazz that we were looking to give to your staff and residents.”