Companies turn to Dale when they need a family-friendly show that wows the audience and makes management happy. Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to businesses resulting in excellent audience experience.


Corporate Stage ShowThe Ten Reasons Why Dale Obrochta’s, Art of Inflation
Should Entertain Your Guests

  1. Corporate entertainment is family-friendly and suited for all ages.
  2. Your guests become the real stars of the show.
  3. It is a unique mix of comedy, music, and latex tubular art.
  4. It incorporates upbeat music along with audience participation.
  5. It has a cool black light segment in the show.
  6. The large sculptures created are left for the event.
  7. It creates a unique photo opportunity after the show which creates social media buzz.
  8. You get to enjoy a stress-free service, as a veteran entertainer orchestrates the show, leaving you to focus on the big picture.
  9. Dale is willing to work with you to achieve the best show possible.
  10. Dale is a consummate professional.

TEDx Visual Interpreter Dale Obrochta explains balloon entertainment

Allow your corporate audience to engages the child within and have fun.

IMG_0707Dale understands the importance of corporate entertainment and makes scheduling effortless, while allowing you to focus on other parts of the event, all while proving a great show.

“Dale was outstanding and exceeded my expectations by far!” Urschel Laboratories, Inc

Visual Art for family-friendly events! On stage or one-on-one, the artistry captivates young and old alike. Colorful, artistic, and comedic all twisted together in one spectacular performance.

Solve your entertainment needs like hundreds of other clients by calling Dale. It’s the right solution. (708) 744-0234

Do you need to transform a mundane event or awards banquet into a colorful, artistic, and hilarious experience that your audience will enjoy and not forget? Get the quality entertainment that fits your corporate needs.

Contact Dale for your customized quote.

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The Picture Perfect Corporate Event

Understand Human Nature at a Corporate Event

It is human nature for people not to interact when thrust into a large group like a corporate event.  If you cannot instantly associate with things, people, or environment that make you feel safe and comfortable, your internal mood level is compromised, and an uneasy feeling sets in.

Party DNA

Our DNA is to blame for this feeling.  Our ancestors’ survival was all about safety.  Failure to connect with a group meant danger and the need to flee, and we learned to avoid a hungry dinosaur feeding by making a connection with the group.  

Centuries later we are still doing this. We arrive at a company event, and we instantly become watchers as we must better understand our environment before interacting.  We all have done it;  we arrived at a party, and the first thing we do is check it out and look for people we know.  We are satisfying the basic human need of feeling safe.

Creating an Interaction and Reducing Fear

This is where I come into the story.  My job is to transform this human fear/flight reaction and create an environment where people are at ease and want to interact.  The primal fear changes to relationship building and emotion levels subside and move from safety to fun. 

Balloon animal Head-Pulled-Off

Now you might be wondering, how can I accomplish this internal transformation in my guests?  Over decades of entertaining, I have seen business professionals inner child emerge as they laugh, wonder, and are amazed as I twist a balloon figure.  A human mind is a puzzle-solving machine, and when you mix in social interaction, creativity, and the ability to see something being creating instantly before your eyes, it evokes curiosity and conversation, leading to social communication. 

Now in a state of relaxation, emotions turn to fun and sharing.  Cell phones come out, share buttons pressed, and the world is seeing your corporate event on social media. 

What once was a scary corporate event, now turns into a party that they want to share with their friends around the world.

Corporate Event Transformation from Scary to Fun

Guests stand with mobile phones in hand capturing every twist and turn. In the spotlight, a guest waits in anticipation for their cherished artwork. The crowd erupts in laughter and delight as Dale’s personality is only dulled by the smiles on guests face. A rich array of colored tubes is crafted into an exceptional headpiece as flashes erupt from friend’s cameras — your guest struts like a supermodel. Standing there is Dale with guests waiting for their personalized masterpiece.

“Dale’s entertaining and social skills are outstanding, and he had people interacting and laughing.  He made Urschel Laboratories, Inc 100-year celebration a big success.” – Karen Anselm, Vice President of Production.

Let Dale help you. As he has done with thousands of other corporate event coordinators, have him as your ice breaker entertainment and have people interacting and making your vision of the perfect corporate event come true.