Summer Camp

The Twisted Summer Fun Project

30-Minute Show & 30-Minutes of Hands On Fun

The 100% Total-Participation, Interactive, All-ages Summer Camp Program

Corporate Family Kids Days

The room is full of happy children, watching, listening and giggling as colors, shapes, and images swirl about.

With every twist of the wrist, swirl of a balloon and funny pun uttered, Dale captivates the audience like a Pied Piper playing a tune.

Dale intertwines comedy, visual balloon art, and a young camper becomes the stars of the show.

Easy to book, easy to work with, and realizes the stress of creating a program, Dale is willing to work with you to develop a successful event.

First, it’s the Art of Inflation Balloon Show!

  • A FUN, engaging, and interactive variety show for ALL ages of campers!
  • Creativity, movement, audience participation, laughter and excitement all in one show!
  • Captivating balloon art!
  • Appropriate for Pre-K a through teens campers!

Twist in for more fun as EVERY CAMPER PARTICIPATES in the hands-on skills workshop!

  • Campers all learn balloon basics. Skills are fun, interactive, and easy to challenging!
  • Workshops fit YOUR summer camp schedule
  • Skills taught are perfect for all ages and abilities!
  • Totally interactive!  It’s about what the campers can do!
  • All Equipment is Provided!  For small or large groups of campers!
  • The Campers become the stars!  They can all do it!
  • Workshops promote self-confidence, good attitude, trying something new, breaking down a task into parts, trying something new, and doing your best!

Networking Reduces Your Cost

I encourage you to send out a message to community groups in your area and combined dates. One morning one afternoon.  Book me twice in one day and I will reduces both show costs by $50.00.

The Twisted Summer Fun Project $325.00

Call to Book Your Event Today!  (708) 744-0234

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