St Anthony

Put a TWIST of fun into Catholic School Week

Imaginations soar when the audience watches an ordinary balloon transform into an extraordinary animal, shape or figure. Just as a good book captivates the minds of its readers, Dale’s balloon show uses art and comedy to capture an audience’s imagination.


The comedy, choreography, and interactivity of the Magical Balloon-dude’s school show send children into creativity fun overdrive – which, after all, is the goal of a day at the school! The silence is broken with children laughing as they sit, watching Dale’s co-star’s reaction as Dale inflates a balloon through their head, making for a priceless moment. Parents appreciate going to the park district and interacting with creative people like Dale.

Combining our efforts we create an experience that makes going to a school fun and educational. Photo opportunities after the show capture the moment for all involved as parents huddle around the large balloon creations that were created on stage during the show.

Balloon Show for St. Anthony

Event: Catholic School Week

Cost: $475.00

To book, please contact Dale (708) 744-0234 or