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Putting a Twist on the Residence Picnic

Spellbound by the artistry and giggling in delight, the audiences marvel at this family-friendly show orchestrated by Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Colorful 3-foot balloons twirl about while captivating music plays and audience participants transform into stars. With every twist of the wrist, swirl of a balloon and funny pun uttered, Dale captivates audiences like a Pied Piper playing a tune. Swept away by the balloon twisting choreography, the audience relaxes and enjoys the moment. Tranquility sets in; knowing that behind every twist and joke is a veteran entertainer insuring that the unexpected pop will not deflate the fun.


PFD Document for Meeting


95347-e05b0628116f44a4b073d22633834955-19:00PM -12:00 pm $750.00

To move forward we can have a conference call to further determine if this is a perfect fit or to begin the contract process, please contact me at the number below.

Wishing you the best of success with your event.

Dale Obrochta
Put A Twist On It .com
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