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Giving A Beloved Sponsor More Recognition Than A Sign

Which is easier and more intriguing to a sponsor, a little plastic sign saying, “Hole Sponsored by…” or a customized comedy presentation that delivers the sponsor name, the event, and a funny golf presentation about exposure and making connections?

Why clutter up a beautiful golf course with another sign?

Exposed To The Golf Outing

Exposed to the Golf outing is, an engaging opening golf presentation that puts a smile on your sponsor’s face as they hear their name and company branded with today’s golf outing.

You will hear the audience laugh as they listen to this twisted tale of getting ready to participate in today’s golf outing. Your audience will learn

  • Sponsor name
  • Sponsor company
  • Event name
  • Social media URL (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Account)
  • Social media hashtag
  • And are encouraged to socialize and be themselves

Dale’s Exposed to the Golf Outing is a perfect way for a sponsor to get that special recognization they deserve. Energizing the crowd and setting an enthusiastic upbeat tone for the golf outing makings for a fun day of golf.


  • Have to give a sponsor more reorganization
  • Generate more sponsor dollars
  • Need a new product to sell to sponsors
  • Have to a highlight a sponsor
  • Pressure to deliver a great golf outing
  • Working with unknown groups
  • Have to make the golf outing exciting
  • Overcoming a predecessor’s success
  • First time producer of the event
  • Trying to reenergize an association/company event
  • New venue or destination city
  • Overcome last year’s failures

Professional entertainer and TEDx presenter Dale Obrochta will come to your golf event with a customized presentation that will brand a sponsor to your event.  Dale uses his entertainment and balloon skills to skillfully craft an entertaining tale about getting an e-vite to participate in your annual golf outing.

“His presentation is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving experience that put a smile on the faces of the advertising team.” -Brad Hanahan, Daily Herald

Let’s talk about your special sponsor at this year’s golf outing by giving Dale a call (708) 744-0234.

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