Companies turn to Dale when they need a family-friendly show that wows the audience and makes management happy. Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to businesses resulting in excellent audience experience.


Corporate Stage ShowThe Ten Reasons Why Dale Obrochta’s, Art of Inflation
Should Entertain Your Guests

  1. Corporate entertainment is family-friendly and suited for all ages.
  2. Your guests become the real stars of the show.
  3. It is a unique mix of comedy, music, and latex tubular art.
  4. It incorporates upbeat music along with audience participation.
  5. It has a cool black light segment in the show.
  6. The large sculptures created are left for the event.
  7. It creates a unique photo opportunity after the show which creates social media buzz.
  8. You get to enjoy a stress-free service, as a veteran entertainer orchestrates the show, leaving you to focus on the big picture.
  9. Dale is willing to work with you to achieve the best show possible.
  10. Dale is a consummate professional.

TEDx Visual Interpreter Dale Obrochta explains balloon entertainment

Allow your corporate audience to engages the child within and have fun.

IMG_0707Dale understands the importance of corporate entertainment and makes scheduling effortless, while allowing you to focus on other parts of the event, all while proving a great show.

“Dale was outstanding and exceeded my expectations by far!” Urschel Laboratories, Inc

Visual Art for family-friendly events! On stage or one-on-one, the artistry captivates young and old alike. Colorful, artistic, and comedic all twisted together in one spectacular performance.

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Do you need to transform a mundane event or awards banquet into a colorful, artistic, and hilarious experience that your audience will enjoy and not forget? Get the quality entertainment that fits your corporate needs.

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